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No matter what your reason for standing up in front of a group of people is, it is important that you make clear to the audience what your objective is even before you present an outline of what you are going to be speaking about. Let them know the following: 1. What Your Primary Goal Is 2. Whether or not you are doing this because your boss requested you too 3. If you are taking a public speaking course and it is your turn to deliver. 4. Maybe you want be a career public speaker There are so many public speakers out there in the world that will tell you matter of factly trhat there are four reasons for public speaking to take place: to inform, to persuade, to entertain, or to inspire people. Most textbooks in college that talk about public speaking will leave one of these areas out—they will not include inspire because apparently that category falls into either persuasive or informative speech. With the informative style presentation you might be teaching a group about something, you could be talking about an experience that you had that was extremely dangerous, you could be describing your business to a group of potential investors. No matter what you have chosen as your subject, the single most important goal of this speech is for you to deliver a speech or
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Jarvi_J_U1_DB1_PRES111 - No matter what your reason for...

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