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Running Head: DIVERSITY IN TEAMS Diversity in Teams By Jeremy Tyson Jarvi MGMT241 Team Building & Conflict Management Sandra Urankar, Instructor American Intercontinental University Sunday, November 13 th , 2011 ABSTRACT Diversity in teams is important, because it will go to show where different groups of people come together on a single issue. This is important, especially if you are marketing a product that you want many different demographics to purchase. You want your product to be attractive to men, women, kids, old, young, white, black, asian, etc. The fact is that we need
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Running Head: DIVERSITY IN TEAMS diversity to function successfully. Without diversity we are wandering around trying to figure things out on our own, and not being able to attract everyone. Diversity in Teams Diversity in teams is probably the most important thing in a business, because without that you will never be successful when it comes to marketing and selling a product. You want
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