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Are there any essential differences between groups and teams? If so, what are they? What implications are there for leaders? For managers to make better decisions about whether, when, or how to encourage and use teams, it is important to be more precise about what a team is and what it isn't (Katzenbach & Smith, 1993). A lot of times there are some organizational and business functions that are way too large for a single person to take care of by themselves. Work groups are designed and created to carry out tasks when they are scalable. Increasing inquiries over sales outstrip the time that a single person can avail themselves of. What is the solution? Find another person and have them do the exact same tasks. Group leadership can more often than not focus on members individually, who just happen to need to hear the same message at the same time. Teams are designed and created to be a “super being” whose experience is collective of all of the team members, and whose competence is far broader, deeper, and longer than any single person can embody. The tasks of the team are typically no scalable, in any simple sense. Individuals and smaller teams are more likely to perform jobs that are generally far different from/than each other part. Team leadership is more complex, needing to focus on facilitating the web of relationships between individuals and sub-teams. Leaders also focus on the relationship between the team/super-being and its output(s). Because of these reasons, difficulties increase in coordination and communication.
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Jarvi_Jeremy_u1_ip1_final db - Are there any essential...

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