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Running Head: EMPLOYEE EMPOWERMENT & PENETRATION PRICING By Jeremy Tyson Jarvi BUSN300 Lower Division Capstone Dr. Leland Taylor, Instructor American Intercontinental University Sunday, October 30 th , 2011 Abstract Employee empowerment is achieved through team building and developing the human capacity. Employee empowerment is important because it is what make them feel as though they are important to the company, and they are. Penetration pricing is where you flood the market and start out with the lowest possible price to get into the market, and then you slowly raise the price over time a little bit at a time, that is hardly noticeable.
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Running Head: EMPLOYEE EMPOWERMENT & PENETRATION PRICING By giving employees specific responsibilities and giving them incentive, you are empowering them , in a very effective way. When you give an employee responsibility you are empowering them and telling them that they are worthy of it, and that they can be counted on. It is also giving them an incentive, as they will want to either get a raise or move up. A good example in the news is Qantas Airlines strike. Their employees were fed up with the wages and the way they were being treated so they decided to strike. They had become empowered to take matters in to their own hands to try and make a difference. They just want
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Jarvi_Jeremy_u4_ip4_LDC - Running Head: EMPLOYEE...

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