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EBIZ DB 3 - In applying the three levels we would remain...

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The best way for a company to try to bridge the gap with the current market and an e-market is to make sure they are keeping up with ever changing technology. Also, make sure that the business solutions and applications are up to date and effective. The utilization of the architectural model of e-commerce to bridge the gap, will demonstrate how a business will have a better understanding of the basics of e-commerce and what is needed to make the improvements that are necessary to accommodate the new business means. When we see these three fundamentals applied we see a model consisting of maintaining the consistency between activity and reinforcing activity, and effort optimization. If we follow this, traditional businesses will have no issues in evaluating, applying, and making the switch to e-commerce.
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Unformatted text preview: In applying the three levels we would remain consistent with our strategy, our identity, and our activities. The three processes build a strong foundation, as well as building up a strong revolving flow of business that effect’s the company’s growth (Jelassi, Enders, 2008). The next method simply supports the first method by consistency in reinforcing the activities. One division of a company supporting another division is an example of this. A great team of salespeople with a strong customer service division, as well as shipping and receiving speedily (Jelassi, Edwards, 2008). References Jelassi, T. & Enders, A. (2008). Strategies for e-Business:Creating Value through Electronic and Mobile Commerce: Concepts and Cases. Second Edition, Prentice Hall Financial Times....
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