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_4300 Review for Exam 1 Gatewood 1-3 Spring 2012 Final Form

_4300 Review for Exam 1 Gatewood 1-3 Spring 2012 Final Form...

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A . Job Description - Duties & responsibilities required on the job B . Job Specification - KSA=s C. Job Evaluation - Determining the relative worth of the job in points. D. Job Pricing - Determining the going rate for a specific job E. Performance Evaluation - Assessment of how well a job incumbent has done over the past 3-6 months or over the last year. A. Responsibility - The obligation to secure desired (job-related) results. Responsibility flows upward as well as downward. The upward flow of responsibility is called accountability. Note: We are responsible to our superiors for the work of our subordinates. B. Authority - The right to command. There can be: (a) formal authority C which resides in the job itself and is given by the organizational structure, (b) informal C derived from the charisma and abilities of the job incumbent, or (c) legitimate C derived from the consent of the governed through tradition or other source.
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Unformatted text preview: C. Culpability - D. Skill - A present, observable competence to perform a learned psychomotor act. E. Ability - A present competence to perform an observable behavior or a behavior which results in an observable product . A. Circuit -B. District -C. Content -D. Construct - E. Concurrent -A. Criterion-related – Interference about performance on some criterion from scores on a predictor, such as an ability test, are best examined thru the use of this. B. Face validity – concerns the appearance of whether a measure is measuring what is intended. C. Invalid Acceptance -D. Sequential Decisions - E. Predictor - A. A statistic - B. Inferential statistics - C. Nonparametric statistics - D. A parameter - E. Parametric statistics - 1...
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