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Labor relations week 4 paractice quiz

Labor relations week 4 paractice quiz - the ratio of...

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A union steward's most important responsibility is processing grievances that have been filed within their work groups. True False 2. Union density is the fraction of workers who want to belong to a union. True False 3. Local union leadership positions, such as shop stewards, are full-time, paid positions. True False 4. Written union contracts are central to U.S. labor relations because of the belief that both industrial justice and efficiency are best achieved through written workplace rules. True False 5. An arbitrator usually issues an oral decision upholding or denying the grievance in whole or in part at the immediate conclusion of the arbitration hearing. True False 6. The U.S. labor relations system seeks to balance ____________________ to promote a balanced resolution of conflicts of interest. property rights and labor rights union wages and non-union wages
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Unformatted text preview: the ratio of management to employees equity and voice 7. In the ____________________ model of representation, a union is like an insurance company, where workers pay dues and are in turn protected against bad times. unionism servicing organizing business 8. Which of the following is included as a union right in traditional U.S. union contracts? Exclusive bargaining agent Shop stewards Union access to the workplace All of the above 9. Unions representing blue collar workers frequently negotiate wage rates that are tied to ____________________, not individuals. national standards union rate tables specific jobs company margins 10. The first step in a typical grievance procedure is ____________________. filing a complaint with the union discussion between employee and supervisor mediation disciplinary action...
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Labor relations week 4 paractice quiz - the ratio of...

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