Labor relations Week 6 Practice Quiz

Labor relations Week 6 Practice Quiz - rights dispute...

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1. Bargaining in good faith to an impasse fulfills an employer's legal bargaining obligation, freeing it to  implement the employment terms of its final offer even over the objection of the union. True False 2. Mass picketing that blocks entrances to an employer's property is legal under the NLRA and therefore cannot be stopped by the courts. True False 3. While Presidents have sizeable strike resolution power, they cannot seize private property under any circumstances. True False 4. The specialization of work serves efficiency by allowing workers to become proficient through  repetition.  True False 5. Quality circles are autonomous groups of employees that are responsible for a set of job tasks as well  as routine maintenance tasks. True False 6. In the public sector where striking is often illegal, a ____________________ often triggers a  mandatory dispute resolution mechanism such as mediation, arbitration, or fact-finding.
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Unformatted text preview: rights dispute bargaining impasse lockout grievance 7. Picketing to pressure an employer to recognize a union is explicitly limited by the NLRA to ____________________ days. 0 30 60 90 8. In the late 1800s the intense specialization of work, or division of labor, became known as ____________________. Job control unionism Taylorism lean production Fordism 9. After reengineering, work units change from ____________________ to process teams. controlled assets supervised assemblies quality circles functional departments 10. Changing labor utilization through varying work hours or number of employees is the goal of ____________________. pay flexibility functional flexibility flexible employment procedural flexibility...
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Labor relations Week 6 Practice Quiz - rights dispute...

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