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Unformatted text preview: Physics 124 Spring 2012 Document #07: Homework #04 page 1 of 9 PHYS 124: Homework #04 February 07, 2012 Homework #04 is due in Box outside of Rock 207: 4:00 PM Sharp, Monday, February 13, 2012 Reading assignment: Here are the first weeks readings for Cycle 2 from Physics for Scientists and Engineers Third Edition, Volume 2 by Ohanian and Markert. There is some review here, especially with regards to the idea of voltage and conductors. Most important is the idea of Gauss Law . Read Chapter 23 as follows: Review Section 23.1 . This should be clear to you. Read carefully Section 23.2 . Be sure that you understand in particular the worked Example 5 on pages 730 to 731 (quite handy for dealing with your homework!) Make sure you understand Example 6 (which we did in lecture). Make sure you understand Example 7. Review Section 23.3 . In particular, look carefully again at the field line diagrams on page 737-738 and make sure that you can explain them. Also be sure that you can correctly answer the Checkup questions at the bottom of page 739. Review Section 23.4 Be sure you understand Example 8. Skip Section 23.5 Well come back for the dipole in Cycle 3. Read Chapter 24 as follows: Read Carefully Section 24.1 . The concept of flux is perhaps the most important idea of the whole course. Note that although flux is defined as an integral, our conceptual idea of flux involves field lines and surfaces. Our aim always is to evaluate the flux without actually calculating any integrals. This is a conceptual point not a technical one. Read Carefully Section 24.2 . Gauss Law only applies with regards to a closed sur- face . The surface is imaginary in the sense that it does not need to correspond to anything physical. Read Carefully Section 24.3 . Quite simply, this section is the heart of the entire course. The application of Gauss Law is to Physics 122 as the application of Newtons Second Law was to Physics 121. You must be able to work problems applying Gauss...
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p124_2012_07 - Physics 124 Spring 2012 Document #07:...

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