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Why Philosophy? I. Answering Fundamental Questions – The Eastern View A. The Buddha's Philosophy focuses entirely on the Human Situation i. Life is characterized by Suffering – Dukkha a) Birth, sickness, aging, lost love and not getting what we want are the avenues of suffering fear of these realities is what makes us suffer b) the root cause of suffering is our attachments to the things of this world and our mistaken belief that they can bring us happiness – youth, wealth and health we try to stop change by holding onto these things at a particular moment in time c) Happiness comes from within; not from without ii. The only way to be free from Suffering is to give up our attachments to people and things a) we can do this by following the Noble Eightfold Path iii. Enlightenment can only be achieved by seeing the way things truly are and accepting our own full responsibility for either living a life in tune with this truth and being at peace or being in a state of denial and setting ourselves up for suffering. iv. Buddhist Metaphysics a) The world and all that it contains is a web of interdependence the independence of things is an illusion everything is mutually dependent upon everything else and undergoing continuous change v. Buddhist Epistemology a) Knowing happens intuitively (rather than rationally) like one drop of water in an Ocean “knowing” another drop
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Is_This_All_There_Is_Eastern - Why Philosophy? I. Answering...

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