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Note: File should be in Microsoft Visio format 2a. Develop a use case diagram for the university library system. Part a. Based on the following descriptions, build a preliminary use case diagram. Patrons have access to the library information to search for book titles and to see whether a book is available. A patron can also reserve a title if all copies are checked out. When patrons bring books to the circulation desk, a clerk checks out the books on a loan. Clerks also check books in. When books are dropped in the
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Unformatted text preview: return slot, they check in the books. Stocking clerks keep track of the arrival of new books. The managers in the library have their own activities. They will print out reports of book titles by category. They also like to see (online) all overdue books. When books get damaged or destroyed, they will delete information about book copies. Managers also like to see what books are on reserve. Wk04 - Chp07 - Thinking Critically Chapter 7 Page 1...
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