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MMIS-530 Final Exam Instructions For this final exam, you have opportunity to select from a bank of twenty questions. You are required to select and complete ten questions. There is a maximum of 200 points for the final exam. In addition, you can elect to complete question #21 for 40 extra credit points (up to 200 total points). Questions (20pts each) 1. What is the primary role of the Systems Analyst? 2. What are the principle differences between Agile & Scrum? 3. What are the principle differences between Tradition Design and Object Oriented Design? 4. Compare and contrast Strategic Planning and Information Technology Strategic Planning? 5. List the Key areas of knowledge for a Project Manager? 6. List and briefly describe the four main techniques for gathering System Requirements. 7. What items should one consider when evaluating alternatives for Requirements, Environments & Implementation?
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