Govt. Lec. 02-15 - GOVERNMENT LECTURE 02/15 HOW A BILL...

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GOVERNMENT LECTURE 02/15 HOW A BILL BECOMES LAW SOMEONE WRITES A PIECE OF LEGISLATION -Most often congressional staffers pursuant to congressional hearings) -Reason to write piece of legislation: Congress has found problem BILL IS INTRODUCED -Only by a member of Congress BILL IS REFERRED TO RELEVANT COMMITTEES, USUALLY BY JURISDICTION BASED ON PRECEDENT OR OTHERWISE CONTENT COMMITTEES HOLD HEARINGS -Revises the bill as well as sends information about the “politics” of the proposed legislation. COMMITTEES MARK- UP THE BILL COMMITTEES ISSUE REPORTS- SECURES TURF & ESTABLISHED CONGRESSIONAL “INTENT” OF LEG. -One of the most important things committee does BILL MUST BE SCHEDULED FOR THE FLOOR -One of main ways issues control: schedule date HOUSE SETS RULES FOR DEBATE -House rules: if introduced bills or amendments must be appropriate or related -Senate has unlimited debate & can attach any amendment on any piece of legislation & operates under unanimous consent or motions to proceed HOUSE & SENATE FLOOR DEBATE -In Senate, debate can go on forever -In House, debate doesn’t last long BILL MAY BE AMENDED ON FLOOR -Not likely in the House; very likely in the Senate VOTE ON FINAL PASSAGE RECONCILING HOUSE & SENATE DIFFERENCE -Usually by conference committee negotiations -Negotiate what House & Senate ask for
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Govt. Lec. 02-15 - GOVERNMENT LECTURE 02/15 HOW A BILL...

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