Govt. Lect. 02-24 - GOVERNMENT LECTURE 02/24 SIDE...

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GOVERNMENT LECTURE 02/24 SIDE NOTE: -President doesn’t have much power, but true power is to persuade people to do things -President is always trying to persuade either public or Congress. . someone! THE REAL POWER OF THE PRESIDENT PRESIDENTIAL INFLUENCE IS BEST UNDERSTOOD IN TERMS OF: -Using the small amount of formal authority wisely (leadership) -Leveraging the power of professional reputation -Nurturing public prestige SIDE NOTE: -Presidents have reputations that have to do with their cognitive abilities, work ethic, & skills of managing people (reputations) -Presidential power= power to persuade -None of the 3 branches have any constitutional obligation to listen to the President. IN OTHER WORDS, PRESIDENTIAL POWER IS THE POWER TO PERSUADE- TO GET PEOPLE TO GET PEOPLE TO DO THINGS THEY WOULD NOT OTHERWISE DO PERSPECTIVES ON UNDERSTANDING THE PRESIDENCY THE INDIVIDUAL VERSUS THE INSTITUTION -Individual (president) -Presidency (made up of hundreds of people) CAMPAIGNING VERSUS GOVERNING -2 nd most important distinction -Require completely different skills DIFFERING STRATEGIES PRESIDENTS USE TO UNFLUENCE POLICY -Going public- President comes to you for support, so you will get Congress fired up -Legislative strategies- Working through Congress, most successful presidents in history are those who have worked through Congress -Administrative strategies (including management styles)- You work through the bureaucracy (set standards, give subsidies) THE INDIVIDUAL VERUS THE INSTITUTION INDIVIDUAL PRESIDENTS DIFFER IN TERMS OF THEIR COGNITIVE ABILITIES, PERSONALITIES, & THE CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING THEIR ADMINISTRATIONS
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Govt. Lect. 02-24 - GOVERNMENT LECTURE 02/24 SIDE...

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