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Exam One Vocabulary Multiracial Heritage: belonging to two or more racial groups Racial Discourses: collections of ideas about race that were developed by secular au- thorities such as philosophers, writers, and scientists Nationality: citizenship, membership in a specific politically delineated territory con- trolled by a government Reconstruction: a time when the nation put itself back together, reincorporating south- ern states and the reinventing of american citizenry Symbolic Violence: the process of people of color unknowingly accepting and support- ing the terms of their own domination Chattel Slavery: state of permanent slavery, workers treated as any other piece of
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Unformatted text preview: property, bought and sold at owner’s discretion Five Fallacies: Ahistorical Fallacy: belief that assumes history is inconsequential; only what’s “recent” matters Slave Codes: set of laws that denied blacks citizenship -not allowed to own or carry arms-not allowed to possess land-not allowed to leave master’s property without permission-not allowed to venture out at night-not allowed to socialize with free blacks-marriage between two slaves when unrecognized New Immigrants: immigrants from southern and eastern europe The Terms “Asian”:...
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