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Geography Exam Two Study Guide subtropical and tropical circulation midlatitudes polar and subtropical jets gravity pressure gradient force coriolis force friction ITCZ Hadley Cells Thermal equator On and off shore winds Monsoons Summer v. winter monsoons Subtropical high Polaw low Trade winds Westerlies Polar winds Doldrums Horse latitudes Geo- stropich flow Tropical circulation Geostrophic equilibrium Nongeostrophic equilibrium Anticyc- lone Cyclone Segue Jet stream Rossby waves Vertical ocean structure Surface ocean currents Elkman Spiral Surface freshness Pycnocline Surface Ocean Deep Ocean Gyres Major Features of Surface Ocean Circ. Gulf stream Deep water circulation Thermohaline circulation Length of a global oceanic circuit Mechanisms of Deep Water Formation Weather
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Unformatted text preview: Climate Air mass Properties of Air Mass North American Air Masses 2 ways air masses are mod-ified Atmospheric Lifting Orographic Convectional Convergent Frontal Cold fronts Warm fronts Mid-latitude cyclones 4 stages of development cyclogenesis Cyclonic Storm Tracks Tropical cyclone Hurricane genesis Saffir Simpson Scale Storm surge Storm waves Wave breaking What has increased and what has decreased with hurriances lately? IPCC Climate Myths 1&2 Signs of warming 3 possible imbalances w/ energy balance primary suspect for warming forcings 4 things needed for a model of climate natural forcings anthro. Forcings where is warming projected to be highest? What happens to wet and dry regions? 5 potential warming impacts 4 places that are most vulnerable...
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  • Precipitation, Tropical cyclone, IPCC, circulation thermohaline circulation, Elkman Spiral, circulation Geostrophic equilibrium

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