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cs3462 Midterm examination - Course name Student Number...

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Course name: Student Number: Student Name: CS3462/CS3402 Midterm examination Question 1 (a) Describe the data semantics of Generalization and Categorization. (5 marks) (b) What are the major differences between Generalization and Categorization in terms of data volume in their related superclass and subclass entities? (5 marks) (c) Is there any special case such that categorization and generalization can be overlapped in terms of data volume? (5 marks) (d) What are the major differences between 2NF and 4NF with respect to n-ary relationships? (5 marks) (e) What is the ranking in sequence of efficiency of Join, Semi Join, Natural Join, Natural Semi Join and outer join operations and why? (5 marks) (f) Can associativity rule be applied in query optimization with or without conditions? Justify your answer with an example. (5 marks) (g) What are the major difference between qualified relation and idempodence of select / project operations in query optimization? (5 marks) (h) If there is a user requirement of multiple indexing, what kind of file is best appropriate for the application and why? (5 marks) Question 2 Consider the universal relation R = {A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J} and the set of functional dependencies F = { {A, B} -> {C}, {A} -> {D, E}, {B} -> {F}, {F} ->{G, H}, {D} -> {I, J} }. (a) What is the 1NF for relation R? (6 marks) (b) Decompose R into 2NF relations R’ (7 marks) (c) Decompose R’ into 3NF relations R”. (7 marks) Question 3 (a) Given number of search-key values that fit in one index node is 3 and in one leaf node is 3. Construct a B+-tree for the following set of key values (31, 29, 23, 17, 11, 7, 5, 3, 2, 19). (10 marks) (b) what is its performance given both the index block size and the leaf block size are 3. (10 marks)
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Question 4 Given a relational schema for retail store inventory system as follows: Relation Stored_items * Store_id * Item_no Quantity_held 005 004 200 Relation Store Store_id *City_id Phone 005 001 27888888 Relation Ordered_item * Order_no * Item_no Quantity_ordered Ordered_price 003 004 50 80 Relation Items Item_ no Description Size Weight Unit_price 004 Lamp Small 1 pound 100 Relation Orders Order_no Order_date *Customer_id 003 13-11-2008 002 Relation Customer Customer_id Customer_name *City_id First_order_date 002 Mary Kim 001 13-11-2008 Relation Mail_order_customer * Customer_id Return_address 002 135 Market St, SF
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cs3462 Midterm examination - Course name Student Number...

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