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Describe how each of the topics in these articles  might be in conflict with (i.e., "sinful" in light of)  Aquinas's theory of "The Natural Law". Do you  think a proponent of contraception, or the right to  have a polygamous or homosexual relationship,  could defend these practices  within  the context of  Aquinas's own theory? Why or why not? Aquinas considered that every sin committed directly against the life of a human being is a mortal sin such as sexual lust. These three articles about a polygamous, contraception and homosexual relationship are directly against “the natural law.” According to Aquinas, simple fornication is a mortal sin because it tends to harm the life of the offspring to be born of the union. Sexual union is to purpose of having their offspring. However, fornication is a casual sexual union outside marriage that conflicting to the good of the offspring and contrary to united relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, a
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