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Natural law: our voluntary participation on eternal law. Human being does not have a choice about purpose but it does have a choice to live accordingly. Eternal law: God wants the world according to a plan. Natural law is accessible to reason. According to Aquinas, human will never satisfice and never reach the happiness, well- being. It will only satisfice with communion with God. First principle of human action is that humans should seek what is good and avoid what is evil. Second principle of human action is that all things that humans are naturally inclined are good and what humans are naturally inclined to avoid evil. All humans are naturally inclined to: 1) Preserve our being 2) Seek sexual union and beget and educate our offspring 3) Seek truth about God and live in harmony/ communion with other human beings.
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Unformatted text preview: Primary precepts of natural law that we born with. Primary precepts of natural law: 1) We should, by reasonable means, preserve our being. 2) We should seek, by reasonable means, sexual union and the begetting and educating our offspring. 3) We should, by reasonable means, seek truths about God and live in harmony with other people. Secondary precepts of natural law are morally persuade ways and pursuing the primary precepts. Human law These laws are accessory but only binding if they follow the moral law. If a human law violets the natural law, we have a moral obligation to disobey. The natural light of reason – what we use to figure out secondary precepts – certain principle, which are self-evident, and knowledge and certain facts yield a conclusion about what we should do....
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