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Chapter 4 Notes Information Technology (IT) infrastructure components include computer hardware and software, networking and telecommunications technology, data management technology, and technology services. Mainframes, mid-range computers, PCs, workstations, and supercomputers are the major hardware used today in the business world. Magnetic disks, optical discs, and magnetic tapes are also the main components of computer hardware. The principal input devices are computer mice, keyboard, touch screens, magnetic ink and digital scanners. The two major types of software used today are system software and application software. They depend on each other and cannot work separately.
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Unformatted text preview: The difference between these two are that the system software surrounds and controls access to the hardware, while application software must work thought the system software in order to operate. In addition, the system software can manage and controls the computer's activities. These software are called the operating system. Most commonly use PC and server operating systems which include Windows Vista, Widows XP and Mac OS X. Besides, server operating system comprise Windows Server 2003, UNIX, and Linux, which is free to use and modify to approach perfect by various programmer over the world....
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