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IS - Data Warehouse Data warehouse is a place where they...

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Data Warehouse Data warehouse is a place where they keep the information both current and historical data. It is a consolidated data for management analysis and decision making. Data Mart It is the subset of the data warehouse. It contains summarized or only a focused portion of data for a specified function or group of users. They do not need to access to other information that they do not need. Data Mining It is the tools to help analyzing large pools of data. The objective is to spot the patterns or trends within the data like for example the purchasing habits of the customers. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) OLAP enables analyst to gain insight into data to a wide variety of possible views of information that has been transformed from raw data. Moreover it can handle the large volume of data. The important ability of OLAP is to make multidimensional calculations or multidimensional data analysis. Business Intelligence
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