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IS ch7 - so that an entire web page does not have to be...

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Which is the most recent windows operating system Windows 7 In client/server computing the client is The computer that acts as the user point of entry which of the following is not one of the most important four programming languages for business Java Linux is An example of open-source software Languages that enable a user to make requests using conversational commands resembling human speech are called Natural languages A report generator is a type of Fourth generation language Two categories of fourth generation languages are Graphics language and application software package Which type of software provides more control over text and graphic placement in the layout of a page than word processing software Desktop publishing software A software suite Includes full featured versions of application software bundled as a unit Running a java program on a computer requires A java virtual machine to be installed on the computer Which technology allows a client and server to exchange small pieces of data behind the scene
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Unformatted text preview: so that an entire web page does not have to be reloaded each time the user requests a chang Ajax What is the foundation technology for web services XML A set of self-contained services that communicate with each other to create a working software application is called SOA Chicagocrim.org which combines google maps with crime data for the city of chicago is an example of A mashup software applications that combine different online software applications are referred to as Mashups To analyze the direct and indirect costs and determine the actual cost of a specific technology implementations you would use Total cost of ownership model All of the following place strain on system capacity except for Minimized response time for transaction processing Which of the following refers to the abilitiy of a computer product or system to expand to serve a larger number of users without breaking down Scalability...
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IS ch7 - so that an entire web page does not have to be...

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