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ESI 6323 Models for Supply Chain Management Midterm Exam A, fall 2009 Name: Student ID: Instructions: 1) Write your name and student ID in the space above 2) Write your name at the top of each page 3) Time limit: 90 minutes 4) This exam is closed book and students can bring a page of cheat sheet (letter size) 5) Calculators are allowed 6) Answer all questions from section 1 to section 4 in the space provided. Use backside if necessary
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Section 1: Multiple Choice (only one is correct) (30 Points) 1. Which of the following is not a stage within a typical supply chain? a. Customers b. Retailers c. Wholesalers/Distributors d. Merchandisers e. Component/Raw material suppliers 2. Supply chain profitability is a. not correlated to the value generated by the various stages of the supply chain b. the total profit to be shared across all supply chain stages c. the difference between the revenue generated from the customer and the overall cost across the supply chain d. the total revenue generated by the distributor stage of the supply chain. e. b and c only 3. A company’s supply chain strategy a. defines the set of customer needs that it seeks to satisfy through its products and services b. specifies the portfolio of new products that it will try to develop c. specifies how the market will be segmented and how the product will be positioned, priced, and promoted d. determines the nature of procurement and transportation of materials as well as manufacture and distribution of the product e. determines how it will obtain and maintain the appropriate set of skills and abilities to meet customer needs 4. Which of the following is not a major driver of supply chain performance? a.
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midterm_questions_A - ESI 6323 Models for Supply Chain...

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