EEL6323-S11-FP - EEL 6323 Advanced VLSI Design - Spring...

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EEL 6323 Advanced VLSI Design - Spring 2011 Instructor: R. Bashirullah TA: Qiuzhong Wu ( ) (Due Friday April 27, 2010) The goal of the project is to study one of the topics specified and design an architecture which consumes low power, is less sensitive to process variability and occupies as little area as possible. Any of the low power techniques taught in class (or new ones) can be used when implementing these projects. LIST OF PROJECTS: 1. MIPS The architecture of the MIPS processor can be taken from the Computer Architecture book written by John L. Hennessy , David A. Patterson . The goal of this project is to take the baseline unoptimized implementation of the MIPS processor given in the book optimize it for power, energy and area. Any of the power saving techniques can be used. Pipelining and Parallelism can be used. Low power RAMS can be used. You may even go for a sub- threshold design. “A 2.60pJ/Inst Subthreshold Sensor Processor for Optimal Energy Efficiency” Bo Zhai, Leyla Nazhandali, Javin Olson, Anna Reeves, Michael Minuth, Ryan Helfand,Sanjay Pant, David Blaauw and Todd Austin. “Low-power CMOS digital design,” A. Chandrakasan, S. Sheng, and R. Brodersen, IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits, vol. 27, pp. 473–483, Apr. 1992. “A Leakage Reduction Methodology for Distributed MTCMOS (May, 2004)”, B. Calhoun, et al., IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Vol. 39, No. 5. ”A shared-well dual-supply-voltage 64-bit ALU ”, IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits. Mar. 2004. Pages 494–500. 2. FFT Processor For the FFT project, you must create a hardware implementation of a FFT. The hardware implementation may be derived from any FFT algorithm (Cooley Tukey or Good Thomas or any other). It can be a radix-2, radix-4 or any specialized FFT implementations. Achievement of Low power is the main criteria here. Below are several articles on FFT hardware implementations:
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EEL6323-S11-FP - EEL 6323 Advanced VLSI Design - Spring...

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