Week 4 DB Due by day 3

Week 4 DB Due by day 3 - old product being pushed, if the...

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Week 4 DB Due by day 3 As stated in this week's reading, "Whether a company grows, survives, and makes a profit could depend upon how their products or services are defined." What does this statement mean in to a company or to consumer perception? Greetings Class, To the perception of the consumer if an organization creates a product, whether it is a new product, upgraded product, or an
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Unformatted text preview: old product being pushed, if the consumer do not see a clear, concise definition of that particular product, the product will collect dust until it is defined properly. In other words, if a consumer does not understand the purpose, does not see the necessity, or a reasonable price the consumer will refuse to purchase the product and overlooked the organization all together....
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