Week 4 DB Due by day 5

Week 4 DB Due by day 5 - saw Air Jordan's, I would want a...

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Week 4 DB Due by day 5 Keller, in "Branding Shortcuts," provides some shortcuts to establishing a brand. Which of his suggestions resonates with you and why? Greetings Class, The suggestion that resonates with me is memorability. This suggestion resonates with me due to some of my own personal experiences. When "NIKE" came out with the Air Jordan line of shoes, I could always remember the jingle that came with the commercials, "Like Mike, if I could be like Mike!" Every time I
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Unformatted text preview: saw Air Jordan's, I would want a pair because I thought if I had a pair of those shoes I could be like Michael Jordan. Another one that stands out to me is the Dodge Ram commercial, "Ram Tough" and the use of a ram as a symbol of the toughness of their trucks. Most consumers will buy a product, even if they are not that familiar with it, because they remember the commercial associated with it or they have committed it to memory ....
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