SampleExam1Aanswers - Print first 5 letter of your last...

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Unformatted text preview: Print first 5 letter of your last name - CAPITAL LETTERS (left justify) t t t t OSU E-mail identifier number (right justify) t t t t Last Name (printed) t t t t Ant=."t*n Ke First Name (printed) + t t t Businesa Management 330 Sample Exam #1A A countdown timer will be projected on the screen in the front of the classroom during the exam. r You have 90 minutes to complete this exam. . No'time checks'will be verbally given by the instructor during the exam. r When the 90 minutes are complete, all writing will cease. . Any clarifications and/or corrections of exam questions will'be posted beneath the countdown clock. Questions / Answers . Please read each question cerefully and directly answer the question that is asked. . Place the answer to the question asked in the box provided. . Points will be deducted for equations or anything other than the answer in the box. o Points will not be awarded for answers not olaced in the box. o The maximum number of decimal places is in brackets within the answer boxes where appropriate. Calculators . There are no extra bafteries or extra calculators to lend to the studenb during the exam. . No instruction on the use of the calculator or ib functions will be given during the exam. o No sharing of calculators is permifted. The use of cell ',hones. PDA9. and iPods (nP3 ,,lavers.J dudng the exam arc orohibited! No communication of any kind (verbal, non-vebal, written, electronic, etc.) is permitted during the course of the exam. I have rcad the exam instructions above and understand that any violation of these and other exam rules in the Student Code of Gonduct will result in a suspected case of academic miaconduct. Signature: Date: Do not write below this line Total points on quiz 116 Total points missed Percent correct Curved score 1 ....
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This note was uploaded on 03/10/2012 for the course BUS-MGT 330 taught by Professor Busmgt during the Spring '12 term at Ohio State.

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SampleExam1Aanswers - Print first 5 letter of your last...

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