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SampleExam1Banswers - Printfirst 5 letterof your last name...

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Print first 5 letter of your last name - CAPITAL LETTERS (left justify) t t t t OSU E-mail identifier number (right justify) tttt Business Management 330 Exam #1 A countdown timer will be projected on the screen in the ftont of the classroom during the exam. . You have 90 minutes to complete this exam. No "time checks" will be verbally given by the instructor the 6xam. r When the 90 minutes are complete, all writing will cease. Any clarifications and/or conec'tions of exam questions will be posted beneath the countdown clock. Questions / Answers Please read each question carefully and directly answer the question that is asked. Place the answer to the question asked in th6 box provided. o Poinb will be deducted for equations or anything other than in the box. Poinb will not be awarded for answers not placed . The ,equlred number of declmal places for numenrc answerc is ia brackeb within the answer boxes. Calculators There are no extra batteries or extra calculators to lend to the students No instruction on the use of the calculator or its functions wilt be given during No sharing of calculators is permitted. The use of cell phones. PDAS. and lPods (MP3 p,leveIs.) duins the exam are prohibited! No communication of any kind (verbal, non-verbal, written, electronic, etc.) is permitted the course of the exam. I have r€ad ths exam instructlons aboye and understand that any violatlon of these and other exam rules in the Student Code of Conduct wlll rcsult in a suspectod case of academlc mlsconduct. Signature: Date: Last Name (printed) First Name ) t ) t Do not write below this line Total points on quiz 162 Total points missed 1 Percent correct Curved score
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1. [4 Points -- 2 Points Each] Calculate the appropriate Z-statistic for the following values. Round your answers to 2 decimal places. Answer must be 2 decimal places to receive full credit. a. p=10.0, X=4.0, o=2.5 -L,*o b. p=10.0, X=12.0, o=1.5 /, 33 [18 Poinfs 3 Points Each] Calculate probability values assuming a normal distribution. the calculated z-statistic before using the standard table (do not interpolate). Answer must be 4 decimal a. lr = 7.0, o 1.3, Prob(X > 7.0) O,Scroo 2. f. p=9.8, c=5.2, Prob(XSg.3) o.{{.ot b. p=9.0, c=1.7, Prob(X<16.0) /, DDDo w c. p= 4.4, o 2.4, Prob(X:7.0) o.t\fol d. p 10.0, o 8.0, Prob(-3.7 SX S 7.3) o,zz3? e.. p 0.0, o 1.5, Prob(-1.3SXS2.0) o.? I to ?=W u6 7 * )Lt* d 4 -ro T' -z,vo lL -lo T'/,33 I ,L -- t- o ^3J cr.v) I * I'Ot f ,t-t- ,# =,(,v7
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SampleExam1Banswers - Printfirst 5 letterof your last name...

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