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Drupal, ubuntu Collaborative Interface Design in Distributed Teams What are the tools that people use for interface design in distributed settings? What are some challenges that they face? How are they managing those challenges? What can we do to facilitate interface design in distrusted teams? Appropriate Research method Research questions: How many ideas are shared in online deisgn discussions? How do designers maintain awareness of ideas? What techniques are used to promote consensus around alternatives and how effective are these techniques? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the issue management systems used for discussing ideas? Interview, Content Analysis Implementation In order to find the alternatives we use two heurisitics: o Posts with image attachedments are alternatives
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Unformatted text preview: o Post that have been referred to by other posts are alternatives • We use natural language processing techniques to infer the comments related to each alternatives • In order to determine the affective tone of a comment, we find the number of negative and positive words in the comment using standard online dictionaries • IdealTracker is fully implemented and its interface was written in ActionScript using Adobe Flex 3. Evaluation • Cogintive walkthrough • Heurisitc Evaluation • Emperical User Study Conclusion • Designer struggle to track design alternatives • Integration of UI Design and Development Activities is essential • Participants need to be aware of other opinions about alternatives....
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