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CIVE 4179 - HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 1 DIFFUSE POLLUTION – IT’S ALL AROUND US! Due: Jan 13, 2012 Diffuse pollution by definition is all around us. This assignment is to help you identify diffuse pollution sources, specific pollutants associated with them, and control practices early in the course. The assignment is: A. Visit three agricultural or urban / construction sites and answer each of the following questions for each site in a short report. 1. What diffuse pollutants did you observe? List as many as you can. Are there possibly other diffuse pollutants that you cannot see? If so, list them. 2. What is the probable cause/source of each pollutant you observed or suspect is present? 3. Briefly discuss, based on your on-site observations, what is "being done" or "should be done" to minimize the problems you observed.
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Unformatted text preview: If you would like to work on this assignment as a two to three-member team, that is fine, but each person should turn in their own independent report. This is not intended to be a research paper. Just look, think, and discuss your observations and thoughts and then submit a brief one to two page report that discusses the above questions and other related thoughts that you may have. If you have access to a digital camera, document what you observe and work the photos into your discussion. B. If you are in programs or are doing research related to diffuse pollution. Please describe in a paragraph why diffuse pollution control is related to work you are currently doing or plan to do after you graduate....
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