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CIVE 4179 Homework #3 Problem 1. What surface area in square meter is required for a surface water wetland with the following characteristics? Flow rate = 100000 m3/day Depth = 60 cm 14 day retention time No infiltration Problem 2. Rework the examples in Boxes 4.4 and 4.5 of your text with CN = 83 . Problem 3. Assume the following watershed and precipitation characteristics: Two hour rainfall event (main part of growing season) steadily delivering 1.5 cm in the first hour, and then steadily delivering 4 cm in the second hour
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Unformatted text preview: • Cotton (row crop) farmed on contour in poor condition • The slope is 2% with slope length 100m • The soils are sandy clay loam with 0.5 % organic matter in hydrologic group C • AMCII • Watershed area is 20 hectares Use the CN approach to estimate the: a) time (minutes) at which runoff is initiated; b) peak runoff rate (cm/hr) during the storm [15 minute time step]; and c) The average depth of infiltration in cm on the watershed. 1...
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