non_point source pollution (Hw1)

non_point source pollution (Hw1) - Name: Bui Thanh Kim Van...

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Name: Bui Thanh Kim Van Class: 50NK Non-point source Pollution Homework #1 Diffuse pollution is the release of potential pollutants from a range of activities that individually many have no effect on the water environment, but at the scale of a catchment can have a significant impact such as reduction in water quality, decrease in humans’ health. Diffuse sources of pollution include run-off from roads, houses and commercial areas, run-off from industry areas, and seepage into groundwater from developed landscapes of all kinds. After visiting some construction sites such as Bach Mai hospital and Timescity construction sites, I can realize that the diffuse pollutants are extremely dangerous not only for humans’ health but also for our environment. For instance, I visited is Bach Mai hospital where many building constructions are in process. Generally, most of people think the hospital environment is very clean and clear because the hospital service have to make patients to feel better and get well soon in fresh/pure air. However, they might be wrong since the hospital environment is not as good as they think. When visiting Bach Mai hospital, I found some kinds of diffuse pollutants:
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non_point source pollution (Hw1) - Name: Bui Thanh Kim Van...

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