Lesson 9

Lesson 9 - Rule 102. B. Yes. This would be a violation of...

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Name: Jay Patadia Enrollment Number: 688430 Course Number: ACCT 3222Z Lesson 9 (19) 19-5 The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct consists of two major sections: Principles of Professional Conduct (setting forth ideal attitudes and behaviors). Rules of Conduct (defining minimum standards). Additional guidance for applying the Rules of Conduct is provided by Interpretations of Rules of Conduct. Rulings by the Professional Ethics Executive Committee (PEEC). 19-7 The Rules of Conduct are organized into five sections: Independence, Integrity, and Objectivity. General Standards and Accounting Principles. Responsibilities to Clients. Responsibilities to Colleagues. Other Responsibilities and Practices. 19 - 15. C 19 - 16. D 19 - 17. C 19 - 18. B 19 - 19. B 19 - 20. C 19 - 21. A 19 - 22. A 19 - 23. B 19 - 24. D 19 - 25. A 19 - 26. A 19 - 27. A 19-31 A. Yes. Signing such a letter would be a known misrepresentation of fact in violation of
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Unformatted text preview: Rule 102. B. Yes. This would be a violation of Rule 101 because McDermott's employer is the source of the revenues for the entities being audited. C. Yes. If a member in industry uses confidential information obtained from an employer for his or her personal benefit, disclosure of the information is considered an act discreditable to the profession in violation of Rule 501. The member also violates Rule 301 which prohibits disclosing confidential client information with few exceptions. D. No, Brian is not violating any code of conduct as he has disclosed giving bribe by the Trans Louisiana oil company to state attorney general. E. Yes, Burnett is violating the rule 201: professional competence...
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Lesson 9 - Rule 102. B. Yes. This would be a violation of...

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