Morgan Gadley decades 1600-1609

Morgan Gadley decades 1600-1609 - The size of the North...

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Morgan Gadley 10 block Coach Martin 1600-1609 1600- North America was largely unclaimses, though the spainish had much control in Central and South America. 1603- Queen Elizabeth I dies. James I succeeds her. 1604- James I makes peace with Spain. 1605- Christopher Newport makes an exploratory voyage along the North American coast. The English are especially anxious to find a northern route or passage to the South Sea (Pacific Ocean) and the Spice Islands beyond as an alternative to the Spanish-dominated southern route.
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Unformatted text preview: The size of the North American continent is not yet known and explorers hope to find a water route through it. 1606- King James of England charters the Virginia Company of London and appoints a royal council to oversee its ventures and the colony. They hoped to find a water passage to the Pacific Ocean by exploring tributary rivers and planning to establish a colony in Virginia. the Plymouth Company, headed by Sir John Popham, sends an expedition northward to present-day Maine. 1606-...
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