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2010q09 - m/sec find the velocity for the prototype based...

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CE309 – Quiz #9 Name A discharge meter to be used in a 40 cm pipeline carrying oil ( ν =10 5 m 2 /sec, ρ = 860 kg/m 3 )isto be calibrated by means of a model ( 1 / 4 scale) carrying water ( T =20 C and standard atmospheric pressure, ν =10 6 m 2 /sec, ρ = 998 kg/m 3 ). If the model is operated with a velocity of 1
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Unformatted text preview: m/sec, find the velocity for the prototype based on Reynolds number scaling. For the given conditions, if the pressure difference in the model was measured as 3 . kPa, what pressure difference would you expect for the discharge meter in the oil pipeline....
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