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Problem_Set_03 - PROBLEM SET 3 Physics 2022 1 What is the...

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PROBLEM SET 3 Physics 2022 1. What is the magnification of a telescope that has an objective with twice the focal length of its eyepiece? 2. The observing cage in which an astronomer sits at the prime focus of the 5-m telescope on Palomar Mountain is about 1 meter in diameter. Calculate what fraction of the incoming starlight is blocked by the cage. 3. How does the light-gathering power of a 300-m diameter radio telescope compare to that of a 50-m diameter radio telescope? 4. How much larger than a 1-m telescope would another telescope have to be in order to have 1000 times the light-gathering power? 5. (a) Compare the light-gathering power of the Subaru 8.3-m telescope with that of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), which has a 2.4-m objective mirror. (b) What advantages does Subaru have over HST? What advantages does HST have over Subaru? 6. Suppose your Newtonian reflector has an objective mirror 20 cm in diameter with a focal length of 2 meters. What magnification do you get with eyepieces whose focal lengths are (a) 9 mm, (b) 20 mm, (c) 55 mm?
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