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Problem_Set_05 - PROBLEM SET 5 Physics 2022 1 What...

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PROBLEM SET 5 Physics 2022 1. What temperature and spectral classification would you give to a star with equal line strengths of hydrogen (H) and neutral helium (He I)? Explain. 2. The bright star Rigel in the constellation Orion has a surface temperature about 1.6 times that of the Sun. Its luminosity is about 64,000 L ʘ . What is Rigel’s radius compared to the radius of the Sun? 3. Star P has double the radius of star Q. Stars P and Q have surface temperatures 4000 K and 8000 K, respectively. Which star has the greater luminosity? How many times greater is it? 4. Star X has 12 times the luminosity of star Y. Stars X and Y have surface temperatures of 3500 K and 7800 K, respectively. Which star is larger? How many times larger is it? 5. The bright star Zubeneschmali ( β Librae) is of spectral type B8 and has a luminosity of 130 L ʘ . What is the star’s approximate surface temperature? How does its radius compare to that of the Sun? 6.
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