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HUMAN BIOLOGY SECTION EXAM PREP GUIDE BIOL 164, Winter 2012, Section Exam 1 : Ch. 1 (Humans in the World of Biology), Ch. 2 (Chemistry Comes to Life), Ch. 3 (The Cell), and small parts of Ch. 19 (Chromosomes and Cell Division) and Ch. 21 (DNA and Biotechnology) KEY TO MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS – The correct answers are highlighted in yellow. CHAPTER 1 1. Which of the following is NOT a general characteristic of all living things? a. responsiveness to environmental changes b. contain nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids c. composed of tissues d. reproduction e. composed of at least one cell 2. Metabolism is specifically defined as _____. a. output of energy usually as heat b. the rate at which food is consumed c. the sum total of all chemical reactions occurring in the body d. the way that an organism uses energy 3. When an organism loses control of its ability to maintain homeostasis it is _____. a. diseased or dead b. dormant c. hibernating d. shivering 4. At what level of structural organization are atoms? a. organ b. tissue c. chemical or molecular d. organ system e. cell 5. Which of the following statements is the best example of a hypothesis? a. All subjects over age 50 showed no growth using hormone supplements. b. A person who eats a bowl of oatmeal a day for six weeks will have lowered cholesterol. c. Which instructional method will be most effective? d. The sky is blue! e. Perhaps maggots come from files. 6. A pharmaceutical company tested a new drug to relieve arthritis. Some of the subjects received a pink capsule with the drug while others received a placebo (a pink capsule with inert filler material and no drug). Those receiving the drug are called the _____ group while the subjects receiving the placebo are called the _____ group. a. affected, unaffected
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