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HUMAN BIOLOGY SECTION EXAM PREP GUIDE BIOL 164, Winter 2012, Section Exam 4 : Ch. 7 (Neurons), Ch. 8 (The Nervous System), and Ch. 9 (Sensory Systems) TO FOCUS YOUR STUDYING EFFORTS: Section Exam 4 (which will take place during our Tuesday, March 6 th class) will cover the content of my lectures from Wednesday, February 22 nd through Friday, March 2 nd . In other words, it will cover the content of the Ch. 7 lecture notes, the Ch. 8 lecture notes, and however far we get through the Ch. 9 lecture notes by the end of class Friday, March 2 nd . For clarity, if we are unable to finish all of the Ch. 9 lecture notes, I will announce at the end of class on Friday, March 2 nd (and on my website) the exact cutoff point in the Ch. 9 lecture notes for the material that will be fair game for Section Exam 4, and I will also announce the exact cutoff point in the practice test questions below that will be relevant to that material. The actual exam will consist of 32 multiple choice questions and will be worth 80 total points. PRACTICE TEST QUESTIONS: The following are multiple choice questions that are similar in content, scope, and difficulty to many (but not all) of the questions that will appear on the actual section exams and the Final Exam. A key will not be initially provided —all answers can be deduced by referencing your lecture notes and Goodenough & McGuire textbook. Trust me: looking up the answers to these questions to see how you’ve done is a valuable form of studying…as is making up your own exam questions and quizzing each other on them. More work for you in the short term, but you’ll thank me later! MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS – Circle the best answer. CHAPTER 7 1. Which of the following carry information (signals) toward the cell body of a neuron? a. axon b. dendrite c. glial cells d. Schwann cells e. oligodendrocytes 2. Which are the supporting cells of the nervous system? a. axons b. glial cells c. neurons d. nerve cells e. dendrites 3. A muscle twitch results from the impulse carried by a(n) _____ neuron. a. association b. afferent c. efferent 4. By definition a nerve consists of _____. a. a neuron and the supporting cells making up the myelin sheath b. a single dendrite, cell body and axon c. several neuron processes bundled together in the CNS d. several neuron processes bundled together in the PNS 5. Axons with a myelin sheath carry impulses _____ unmyelinated axons of the same size. a. faster than b. slower than c. at the same speed as 6. Together, the conduction of an action potential along an axon and the transmission of the impulse at a synapse make up a(n) _____ signal. a. chemical b. electrical c. electrochemical 7. In which of the following ways may ions cross the cell membranes of neurons? a. active transport using ATP
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BIOL164SectionExam4PrepGuideWin12 - HUMAN BIOLOGY SECTION...

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