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MTH 4106 Introduction to Statistics Practical 3 24 January 2012 If you didn’t do so last week, please complete Practicals 1 and 2 before going on to do the following. Today we will see how to use Minitab to plot and summarize one or two vari- ables, quantitative or qualitative. This material will not be covered in lectures, so you are advised to save all the displays in a report pad, adding any comments that you find helpful, and then keep a printed copy of this report in your notes. You will be asked to do some of these in a later assignment. Warning: open graphs take up a lot of working memory, because they retain a lot of information so that you can edit them. If you are satisfied with a graph, paste it into your report pad and delete the original graph. It takes up much less working memory in the report pad. If you have too many graphs open, Minitab may be unable to save your project. 1 (A new data set) Enter Minitab and then load the worksheet Pulse.MTW from the Minitab Sample Data folder. This data set is supplied with Minitab. There is some information about the variables in the Help . Use Help Help then double-click on Data sets then on PULSE.MTW . Read the description of the experiment and the variables. Make notes on which are quantitative and which are qualitative. 1
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