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MTH 4106 Introduction to Statistics Practical 4 31 January 2012 Today we will use Minitab’s inbuilt information about the most important discrete random variables. We will learn how to list the values of the probability mass function or cumulative distribution function, and plot these on a graph; use Minitab like a book of statistical tables to calculate quantities like P (2 X 6); verify particular cases of the claims that hypergeometric random variables are approximately binomial and that binomial random variables are ap- proximately Poisson. 1 (The probability mass function of a binomial random variable) We are going to list the probability mass function for a random variable X whose distribution is Bin(9 , 0 . 5). This random variable takes values 0, 1, . . . , 9, so we have to start by making a column called number with these values in it. Do this by Calc Make Patterned Data I Simple Set of Numbers. .. . Store the patterned data in number , From first value 0, To last value 9, In steps of 1. List each value and the whole sequence once. Now click on Calc Probability Distributions I Binomial. .. , click on Probability , then make the Number of Trials equal to 9 and make the Event probability equal to 0 . 5. Set the Input column to number and Click on OK . What does Minitab do? Do the second step again, but this time choose to store the new variable in a
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