411_hw02 - Stat 411 Homework 02 Due Friday 01/27 1 Let X1 Xn be iid Unif(0 where > 0 is unknown ^ ^(a Let n = X(n the sample maximum Find the CDF

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Stat 411 – Homework 02 Due: Friday 01/27 1. Let X 1 ,...,X n be iid Unif (0 ), where θ > 0 is unknown. (a) Let ˆ θ n = X ( n ) , the sample maximum. Find the CDF of ˆ θ n . (Hint: This is similar to Problem #2 on Homework 01.) (b) Show that ˆ θ n is a consistent estimator of θ . (Hint: θ is always greater than ˆ θ n (why?); this makes it easy to use part (a) above.) 2. Same setup as in Problem #1 above. (a) Show that ˆ θ n is not an unbiased estimator of θ . (Hint: Get the PDF of ˆ θ n by differentiating the CDF in Problem #1a above, then calculate expected value as usual. Alternatively, see the hint to Problem #4b below.) (b) Use the work in part (a) to construct a new estimator ˜ θ n , a linear function ˆ θ n , which is an unbiased estimator of θ . Show that ˜ θ n is also consistent. 3. Suppose X Bin ( n = 10 ) where θ (0 , 1) is unknown. Consider the following two estimators of θ : ˆ θ 1 = X/ 10 and ˆ θ 2 = ( X + 1) / 12.
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