Chapter 3 - Chapter 3: Federalism Key terms from the book:...

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Chapter 3: Federalism Key terms from the book: Federalism: - definition: division of soverienty between at least two different levels of government (ie. the federal and state power in the case of the united states) - asks the question of which levels of government should exercise sovereignty o fundamental governmental authority - for a democracy to have a federal system, each fundamental government must have: o its own set of elected officials o the ability to get revenue by means of taxation o the ability to pass laws regulating the lives of its citizens - federalism lies between a unitary government and a confederation unitary government: where all the authority is held by a single, national government (ex. Britian. Parliament has the authority to disband any such local government) confederation: states retain all their authority and only use the national government for small things (ex. What the united states was like before the declaration of independence; articles of confederation era) - bad sides to federalism: o people doubt federalism because it’s between unitary government and confederation because people think that shared sovereignty will eventually lead to a power struggle - the good sides: o in this country, federalism allowed the states to have their own laws and thereby adapt to different cultural and economic conditions Federalism debate: - because the constitution is so full of compromises between giving powers to the federal government and giving powers to the state government, there’s always
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3: Federalism Key terms from the book:...

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