Chapter 2.1 - Chapter 2 Constitution PART 1 Key terms from...

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Chapter 2: Constitution PART 1 Key terms from the book : Road to the Constitution: - Taxation without Representation: o Colonial leaders’ opposition to Taxation without Representation more or less started the necessity for the framers to consider writing a constitution o Definition: levying of taxes by a government in which the people are not represented by their own elected officials (the colonialists lived away from their mother country and so they weren’t given an opportunity to vote for their officials; they weren’t being properly represented in Britain and they felt cheated) o They organized a stamp act congress (first political meeting that brought together leaders throughout the colonies for a common purpose) and they clearly expressed the need for America to have representative government o The British ignored the American demands for representation and began putting taxes on tea instead which enraged the Americans. o In retaliation, the Americans organized the first continental congress. First continental congress = planning of boycott of British goods, plan to train volunteers in military exercises o Then came the second continental congress and finally the declaration of independence came: Document signed in 1776 asserting the political independence of the united staes from great britian The declaration expresses the democratic spirit that animates American politics
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Chapter 2.1 - Chapter 2 Constitution PART 1 Key terms from...

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