Chapter 1 PART 2 - Chapter 1: Democracy PART 2 Types of...

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Chapter 1: Democracy PART 2 Types of Democracy: a) Direct Democracy - All citizens participate personally in making government decisions - In ancient Athens, all free men with property could come to the public forums and after listening to speeches, could vote to adopt certain policies. - This mostly happens in small towns - When used effectively, direct democracy encourages public involvement and cooperation; it makes government more personal and makes people want to know what’s going on - Most social scientists believe that direct democracy for large nations would create a mobocracy since it’s basically impossible to hear everyone’s opinions directly. People would have to voice their opinions through impersonal votes like for American idol or something; there would be no deliberation. b) Representative Democracy (Delegates) - Most modern democracies are representative because of the concerns with direct democracy - Definition: individuals periodically chosen by citizens; these individuals have the authority to decide what the government does - Main question: how can people truly rule if they do not do so directly? Answer: Elected officials who reflect the masses o Prospective voting: Candidates voice their platforms and then the people vote for the candidate that most closely matches their views/needs citizens look to the future while voting, taking into account each candidate’s campaign promises.
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Chapter 1 PART 2 - Chapter 1: Democracy PART 2 Types of...

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