Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Democracy PART 1 Permanent campaign...

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Chapter 1: Democracy PART 1 Permanent campaign: - campaigning never ends under the new “American democracy” because even after a candidate wins one election they have to start planning the next one - candidates use ever opportunity to bring out partisan politics to get an advantage over their opponents - as a consequence of free elections, political leaders prepare much in advance for the next election because they know that actions taken now can affect the votes of next year, etc. - permanent campaigns and elections come hand in hand - it wasn’t always like this, campaigning wasn’t always ongoing. o key developments that have constituted to permanent campaign: PEMMIP: polls (constantly being told who is winning, rising concern over popularity) spaced elections (more elections but less time) mass communication (all their mistakes are aired) role of campaign money (constant need to fundraise) interest groups (constantly being watched, being pressured by these growing groups of voters and financial backers) decay of traditional party (candidates have to make personal campaign organizations) Elections: - they are more important in the u.s. than in any other democracy -
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 Democracy PART 1 Permanent campaign...

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