Lecture_2 - 9/2/2011 Overview Objective Types of testing...

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9/2/2011 1 ECE 553: TESTING AND TESTABLE DESIGN OF DIGITAL SYSTES Test Process and Test Equipment 9/2/2011 2 Overview • Objective • Types of testing – Verification testing – Characterization testing – Manufacturing testing – Acceptance testing • Parametric tests: DC and AC • Summary • Test equipment (read) – Test specifications and Plan – Test data analysis – Automatic test equipment 9/2/2011 3 Objective Need to understand Types of tests performed at different stages Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) technology Influences what tests are possible Measurement limitations Impact on cost Parametric test 9/2/2011 4 Types of Testing Testing principle Apply inputs and compare “outputs” with the “expected outputs” Verification testing , or design debug Verifies correctness of design and of test procedure usually requires correction to design Characterization testing Used to characterize devices and performed through production life to improve the process Manufacturing testing Factory testing of all manufactured chips for parametric faults and for random defects Acceptance testing ( incoming inspection ) User (customer) tests purchased parts to ensure quality 9/2/2011 5 Testing Principle 9/2/2011 6 Verification Testing Ferociously expensive Often a software approach But, may comprise: Scanning Electron Microscope tests Bright-Lite detection of defects Electron beam testing Artificial intelligence (expert system) methods Repeated functional tests
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9/2/2011 2 9/2/2011 7 Characterization Test Use of test structures Special structures, placed on a wafer at strategic locations, are tested to characterize the process or to determine if testing of chips should proceed Worst-case test Choose test that passes/fails chips Select statistically significant sample of chips Repeat test for combination of 2+ environmental variables Plot results in Schmoo plot Diagnose and correct design errors Continue throughout production life of chips Improve design and process to increase yield 9/2/2011 8 Schmoo Plot 9/2/2011 9 Manufacturing Test (Also called production test) Determines if manufactured chip meets specs Must cover high % of modeled faults Must minimize test time (to control cost) No fault diagnosis Tests every device on chip Test are functional or at speed of application or speed guaranteed by supplier 9/2/2011 10 Burn-in or Stress Test Process: Subject chips to high temperature & over- voltage supply, while running production tests
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Lecture_2 - 9/2/2011 Overview Objective Types of testing...

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