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Federal Election Campaign Act Buckley v. Valeo Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Super Pac Review question: What are the contemporary concerns over the role of money in politics? FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN ACT (1971) - It’s a law governing money and politics - 1970’s = beginning of money and politics - the act wasn’t a very big deal but after the Watergate scandal, money and politics became really important and a bunch of amendments came into play o federal election commission o contribution and expenditure limits o federal funding for presidential election BUCKLEY V. VALEO (1976) - it was a lawsuit that challenged the constitutionality of the amendments made to the federal election campaign act - the single most important course case related to money and politics - the court noticed that money relates to political speeches because you need money to speak to people. (they linked money to politics) o Limiting campaign money = limiting political speech - People protested against this because they said that it went against free speech (it’s a different form of speech to give money to candidates)
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moneyandpolitics - Money & Politics Federal Election...

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