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Andrea Knepper- Diversity in the Workplace

Andrea Knepper- Diversity in the Workplace - for employees...

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Running head: DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE 1 Diversity in the Workplace Andrea M. Knepper MGT/210 January 13, 2011 Stephanie Hinshaw
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DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE 2 Diversity in the Workplace This article suggests, with more women and minorities in the work force, that this has brought on diversity in the workplace. According to the article, women and minorities in our work force has had an effect on the numbers of white males who seek employment. Rifkin believes this diversity has made white males less committed to their job, eventually affecting other duties. Women and minorities in the workplace has made the white male feel like he may not conduct himself at his job in a normal manner, as not to offend others with his actions and words. I do not fully agree with Rifkin’s theory. I do agree that white males may have felt uncomfortable with this new sense of diversity. This diversity had sparked continuous education
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Unformatted text preview: for employees in sexual harassment, possibly coming to the surface when men did not know how to handle working closely with women. Before women searched out careers, they were seen as house wives, sometimes giving white males a feeling of superiority. I believe supervisors can use this knowledge to make fair decisions regarding his or her employees, and not show favoritism. I also believe it is the job of the supervisor to make it known which behavior s are acceptable, and to make his or her employees aware that teamwork is needed. Each is an equal, and performs his or her job to the best of their ability. DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE 3 References Rifkin, G. (1994). Workplace Diversity. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved January 13, 2011 from Business Source Complete database....
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