BEH225 Week 6 CheckPoint Personality Assessment and Theories

BEH225 Week 6 CheckPoint Personality Assessment and...

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Personality Assessment and Theories There are four primary methods of assessing behavioral personality: objective tests, projective tests, direct observation, and personal interviews. Objective tests are the most widely used personality assessments and are generally written personality tests or inventories that are administered and scored according to a standard procedure (Morris, pg.442 ¶4). Projective tests are personality tests, mostly consisting of vague and essentially meaningless or unstructured material and are given to bring about unconscious thoughts and fantasies and give the tester a relaxed environment because the tension and self-consciousness that sometimes accompany objective tests is not present (Morris, pg.445 ¶2). Direct observation is the observation of a person’s actions in everyday situations over a long period of time to see how those situations “influence the person’s behavior and to note the range of behaviors the person is capable of exhibiting (Morris, pg.442 ¶2).”
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